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Our "LowCom-HighServ" Plan

(Low Commission - High Service Plan)

Who is this "LowCom-HighServ" Plan for?

Sellers who are not willing to pay a total of 5% to 6% to real estate agents who will not be showing their properties in person. Many sellers live/work at home and are willing to open the door for showings or have properties that qualify for lockbox showing or via authorized access from the condominium front desk.

This plan is also perfect for any FSBO (For Sale By Owner) who is looking to save thousands of dollars on the listing side of the commission by taking away the time consuming task of in-person showings by the listing agent.

What is the rationale behind our "LowCom-HighServ" Plan?

It is only fair for sellers to expect a significant reduction in the listing side of the commission charged by listing agents who no longer have to spend significant time showing. Our "LowCom-HighServ" Plan is a "Premium" that was designed to provide sellers with most of the services of our "Luxury Full Service Plan" with the exception of accompanied showings. It is your best choice for keeping more of your equity without the headaches of doing all the work!

Please watch the following videos where Ben Giordano discusses lockbox showings.

Below the videos are the requirements of our "LowCom-HighServ" Plan and a comparison chart of our plan versus the typical "bare bones" plans offered by flat fee brokers and limited service brokers.

Lockbox Showings Videos


Part 1 - Lockbox showings with full commission. Seriously?

Part 2 - Which properties generally qualify for lockbox showings?

Part 3 - Properties that should never be shown via lockbox.

"LowCom-HighServ" Plan requirements from sellers.

To qualify for this plan, you must meet at least one of the following conditions:

- You are a FSBO. (For Sale By Owner)

- You are Ok with having an electronic lockbox at your property.

- You are Ok with having your front desk authorize access to your condo.

- You work or spend most days at or near your property and can open the door anytime.

- You have a neighbor or friend who will open the door.

- You have a tenant who will open the door.

When is our "LowCom-HighServ" Plan not recommended?

We do not recommend our LowCom/HighServ Plan if your property falls into any of these categories:

- Luxury Property over $1m where buyers expect to walk into a prepped property. (Lights on, blinds open...)

- Property with a complex floorpan and many features.

- Property in a community or building with many amenities.

- Property where any blinds, curtains, and shutters may not be left open at all times for light/views.

- Property that is occupied with valuable artwork, furniture, and personal items.

- Property that has hazardous conditions. (Under construction, empty pool, steep stairs…)

For any of the above properties we recommend our very competitive full service plan with accompanied showings by our multilingual team. Our full service plans start at 4.5%.

Please Note: “The Best Waterfront” Realty handles waterfront and luxury properties. Non waterfront properties starting at $200,000 are handled under our "Inland Division". But rest assured it is still the same professional team and high level of service our satisfied clients are accustomed to.

Cost and features comparison of our "LowCom-HighServ" Plan versus the basic plans offered by flat fee and limited service brokers.

As you can see our "LowCom-HighServ" Plan makes it an easy decision: enjoy the savings in commission, while we take care of the headaches associated with the selling process.

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