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How Much Do We Charge?


Unlike most other agents and brokers, Ben Giordano does not charge both sides of the commission when a buyer deals directly with him on one of his listings. This translates the seller being able to offer the best price to a buyer compared to when another agent has to be paid too. If you are thinking about selling your property and don't want to pay a high commission while still getting full brokerage services, please contact Ben Giordano @ 561-929-9955 or @ 786-565-5050

This is typically the very first question sellers ask, although it should be the very last... We only offer two levels of service:

-1/ Full Service Plan by "The Best Waterfront Realty". This is for the sellers who are used to and expect the best in life. We take care of everything. Just sit back, relax and let us do all the showings, marketing and facilitation of the transaction (including guidance with negotiations). We will take care of all aspects of the transaction from our first consultation with you until the closing, while keeping you informed of the progress. The total commission for "Full Service" starts around 4% depending on the price and complexity of the property. Our sellers love the fact that they get to keep more of their equity by saving thousands of dollars in commission without sacrificing any of the high level services we provide. We dare you to interview us and compare us to our competition! Please watch the videos in the "Why We Are Your Best choice to Sell" in the "About Us" section above.

-2/ LowCom-HighServ Plan offered by our "Inland Realty" division. Although we almost always recommend full service, this plan was developed at the demand of some sellers who want to save big on commission. They want us to take care of most aspects of the marketing and transaction process but exclude showings in person by our team. Click here for a complete explanation of the services included, the cost and the conditions required for your property to qualify for this plan.

Do We ONLY Handle Waterfront Properties?


Although we are passionate about the waterfront, we have helped many sellers of non-waterfront properties over the years. Many of these non-waterfront properties are handled under our "Inland Realty" division. Rest assured it is the same team dedicated to delivering results!

Our Custom Websites are Designed to Sell Properties:


Please click on the "LISTINGS" link in the Menu section to see some examples of the custom websites we design to properly present and market your home or condo.

We are sure you will agree that a poorly presented property takes longer to sell because it is not going to look attractive to prospective buyers. Just like humans, properties get only one shot at making a first good impression in our fast paced world!

Where Are Our Listings?

(Click here or the "LISTINGS" link in the Menu section to see some of our listings)

Our listings are advertised in our professional MLS database for all agents in the tri-county area to see, online via targeted marketing campaigns using custom websites (like the ones above); via direct mail, and where today's buyers are looking: hundreds of real estate websites including the major real estate portals like Zillow,, Trulia, Our experience with buyers has shown that buyers who are ready to buy want to see anything and everything that meets their parameters, and agents' websites are not their best source for listings and market data. These "ready to go" buyers are typically already working with a buyer's agent who is sending them the most up to date properties from our professional MLS and/or relying on a more complete consumer portal like Zillow or

Sellers' Education


SELLER'S REAL ESTATE QUIZ (Test your basic real estate knowledge. We dare you!)

REUniversity.TV  (Ben Giordano created this unique and free video-based Real Estate Education platform for sellers and buyers. Check it out!)

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