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Why is "The Best Waterfront" Team the Sellers' Top Choice?


Are you thinking about selling your waterfront home or condo? Before you interview any agents, you owe it to yourself to find out the 10 most important factors that separate us from the rest.

Reason #1 - Experience Matters

Reason #2 - An Agent’s Name, Status and Company Brand Are Not as Important as you Think.

 Reason #3 - Our Team Addresses the Number One Complaint of Buyers and their Agents.

Reason #4 - Our Multilingual Team Increases Your Chances of Selling in South Florida.

Reason #5 - Truth: Listing Agents Don’t Sell Real Estate.

 Reason #6 - Truth: Most Agents Are Not Loyal to You and Not Acting in Your Best Interest.

Reason #7 - Truth: Agents’ Personal Websites Do Not Attract Buyers.

Reason #8 - Our Team Gives You Access to Resources Otherwise Unavailable.

Reason #9 - No Long Term Listing Agreements with Handcuff Clauses and Stiff Penalties.

Reason #10 - Full Service Company with Competitive Commissions.

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