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 what does the name mean?

Although my team and I strive to provide the highest level of service, we would never brag of being the best. That is up to our numerous satisfied clients to decide. My name is Ben Giordano and I founded this company in 2014 with the primary focus to serve the needs of sellers and buyers of "the best waterfront" homes and condos along the southeastern coastal cities of Florida, from Palm Beach to Miami Beach. "The Best Waterfront" properties include luxury homes, condos and land offering direct frontage and/or views of the Ocean, Intracoastal, various canals, or Biscayne Bay. Depending on the area, prices will vary, although most will start at the $600,000 price point.

We can also handle the sale of your inland home, condo and land through our "Inland Division". Same team and level of professionalism our luxury clients enjoy!

As you can see by going to our "Success Examples" page in the menu, our office location has nothing to do with our ability to get you "SOLD".

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