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BUYERs hot topic videos

This page contains the past buyers' "Hot Topic Videos" presented by Ben Giordano.

A multitude of subject relevant to buyers are presented in a thought provoking way with the objective of revealing many truths and secrets of the real estate industry. 

If you have an idea for a topic you would like Ben Giordano to discuss, please submit it by clicking here. Thank you

Please Note: All content is copyrighted by Ben Giordano with all rights reserved. No part of the videos or dialogue may be duplicated or disseminated or used for any purpose, by any means, without the express written approval of Ben Giordano, which may be declined for any reason. The opinions expressed by Ben Giordano are protected by his constitutional right to free speech. Ben Giordano is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Florida and advises you that he is not an attorney, CPA, taxation expert, or financial advisor and therefore urges you to consult with such experts to discuss your personal situation before reaching any decision or acting upon any topics discussed in these videos.

Thank you.

before you buy pre-construction...

Top 10 Mistakes Pre-Const

pre-const. 2 developers tricks

Two Dev Tricks

Biggest buyer's mistake - RE taxes

Biggest Mistake Taxes

Examples of Re-Assessments after Purchase:

- Palm Beach County

- Broward County

- Miami-Dade County

market is going down. buy now or wait?

Buy Now or Wait
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