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How is "The Best Waterfront" Realty different from the competition?

Ben Giordano created this company with the vision to provide "Ethical, Competitive, Innovative, and Consumer Centric Real Estate Services". Most of the competition emphasizes promoting brands and the "image and sales achievements" of their agents. Fortunately, a small but growing innovative movement of online and local brokerages has emerged to provide luxury consumers with more reliable team based representation with competitive fees, without sacrificing the quality and level of services. Team operation enhances the customer experience and results. Rest assured, we are a full service company and not a discount or limited service brokerage. We will not try to dazzle you with flashy pictures and complicated websites. Instead, and as you can see from our "mobile optimized" simple websites, we want to give you timely and relevant information and focus on delivering the results you hired us for. Full service without the useless fluff! If you are thinking of selling or buying a waterfront property in southeast Florida, no matter where you are in the world, contact us to setup a complimentary and confidential online or in person presentation. We will show you how we are different and more efficient, without any strings attached. Our services come with a satisfaction guarantee!

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